The 2018 Peace and Global Witness Offering

The theme for this year’s Peace and Global Witness Special Offerings is:

PEACE at all TIMES in all WAYS

It is based on the apostle Paul’s 2nd letter to the Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 16.  The Peace and Global Witness Offering draws members of the PC(USA) together through sharing their financial resources, enabling the church at large to develop educational and other resources to do peacemaking at all levels of the denomination.

The Presbytery of Tropical Florida encourages all churches to receive this special offering on the first Sunday of October, October 7, 2018.  It can also be received on other Sundays, of course.

As you know 50% of the offering goes to the GA Peacemaking program, 25% goes to the presbytery and synod (12% each) and 25% stays with the local congregation in order for the congregation to bear witness to its own peacemaking work in its own environment.

Please send your offering to the Presbytery and we will forward to the Synod and GA.

For resources to help a congregation promote the Peace and Global Witness Offering among the members of the congregation contact the PC(USA) Office of Special Offering.