Easter Morning at Trinity Presbyterian

My first Easter Sunday at Trinity Presbyterian in Key West, my morning started at 6 a.m. in the sanctuary with my intercessory prayer leader connecting with me by phone as we prayed for a glorious day in the Lord.  I knew I would need extra help from the Lord since it was not to service as usual. The children of Trinity ministering the musical play He is Risen, a Resurrection message for members as well as visitors and vacationers, and my very 1st Sacrament of Baptism.  Of course the batteries went out in the microphone while I was praying and there was several dead pauses as we switched from one thing to the next — just keep smiling, just keep smiling.  Overall it was a wonderful sun shining Resurrection Day filled with the joy of obeying the word of our Lord Jesus, and confident of God’s promises while baptizing 3 teenagers Kenniah, Malik, and Ania who God is sealing and uniting them to Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection by the water of the Holy Spirit.  And this act of sealing all started with eating pizza at a parlor.  Salvation breaks out anywhere.  This will be a joyful memory as Trinity celebrates its 125th anniversary in December.   Trinity began as an African American Church founded in 1892 by the London Missionary Society; established as a Wesleyan Methodist mission church to the Bahamian immigrants.  In 1931, the Presbyterian Church took it over when the London Society felt it was too expensive to send missionaries from London and the Bahamas.   – Denise McLeod, TE

Join us in praying for Pastor Denise.  Make sure to say hello at the May Presbytery meeting.