COM Sabbatical Leave Guidelines

Sabbatical Leave Guidelines for Teaching Elders
Serving the Presbytery of Tropical Florida
The Committee on Ministry is committed to encouraging our pastors and churches to seek vibrancy and health in their congregations.  Consistent with these efforts, COM recommends, after seven years of service to their church, pastors consider an extended time of sabbatical leave.  Sabbatical leave for a teaching elder is a planned time of intensive enhancement for ministry and mission and allows a pastor to take “extended time” to strategically disengage from his/her normal duties and tasks of ministry in order to gain a new perspective from a planned time of revitalization and focus.  In order to assist pastors and sessions as they consider plans for sabbatical leave for their pastor, COM has established the following guidelines, effective immediately, which shall be followed in order to achieve the greatest benefit of sabbatical leave for both the pastor and his/her congregation.