Church Loans or Loan Guarantees with the Presbytery

Thank you to those churches who have sent documentation regarding your insurance – commercial, flood, and windstorm – your 2018 annual financial reports and your pledge to the ministry of the Presbytery.  Your prompt attention to this requirement is much appreciated.

As a reminder to all churches with loans/loan guarantees –

The terms of the loan/loan guarantee is that the Presbytery will receive annually:

  • Year End Reports
  • Documentation showing insurance on the property – commercial, flood, and windstorm
  • Tithe for Shared Ministry work done by the Presbytery

The documentation for insurance can be easily obtained by calling your insurance agent and asking for a Certificate of Insurance.  If the Presbytery is listed as a certificate holder the insurance company will automatically send this form every year at the time your insurance renews.  As a matter of your own convenience, we suggest adding the Presbytery as a certificate holder.

If you are not sure if your church has sent this information, please contact me at or 954-785-2220 x 4.

Please call me with any questions about this and about any other way in which we can help your church.

Susan Carpenter, Financial Administrator