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September 23, 2014
Ascension Peace, Lauderhill
Registration: 08:30 a.m.
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Church and Children

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A Church For Every Child (Barbara Hassall)
Church, Family and You (Melanie Stepp)
Creating A Kid Friendly Church (Crystal Davis)
Double Your Volunteers (Crystal Davis)
Turning Parents Into Partners (Pati Higginbotham)

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  • September 23 – Ascension Peace, Lauderhill
  • December 6 – Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens


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Book of Order

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Sister Helen Prejean at The Santuary Church

Celebrity always holds a degree of fascination and often leaves a glow peaking the imagination for a surprising amount of time. We often build more into the experience than was actually there. More beautiful, […]

Moral Week of Action

The moral week of action is taking place in states across the south, as well as a few in the midwest, in order to draw attention to the issues of voting rights, Medicaid expansion, labor […]

Miami Shores Gathers To Pray For Peace

Reconciling God,
We come to you today with so many things pressing for your attention. We come to you stuttering our prayers because we don’t know what to pray for first. So Spirit, we pray […]